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How-To Rebed Hardware.

I use the method recommended by the Gougeon Brothers and thier WEST SYSTEM brand epoxy.

The best way to protect the core when bedding hardware is to drill an oversize hole. Then using a special custom made bit in a dremel tool, route out the core between the skins about an 1/8" to 1/4". I like to grind off a small hex key sharpened to a point for the job. The hole is then filled with an epoxy mixed with micro-fibers and allowed to cure. When the hole is re-drilled the core is protected by the bedding compound and an epoxy barrier. For the bedding compound I favor 3M's 5200, but it must be realized that this product is an adhesive so what ever you are mounting will be permanent. The epoxy mix also helps prevent over-tightened bolts from crushing the core.

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